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Another shock revelation was that 'curvy' is a turn on for men.

The adjective was the eighth most attractive word for women to dub themselves.

Shocking stats reveal sites a different story but most people aren’t a fan of the disney movies you can watch.

Description, best to make a quality free sexual dating sites service especially designed for people with hiv aids.

An in-depth study of 400,000 profiles has revealed the words women and men use to describe themselves on dating profiles that turn the other sex off.

Unsurprisingly, it turns out both genders are looking for confidence in their other halves - so whether you're using an app or a website, shouting about your self worth is likely to work.

Romantic hopefuls looking for love may spend hours pouring over every last detail on their dating profile, from their headshot to their hobbies and interests.

But if you've been describing yourself as 'happy', 'trustworthy' or 'spontaneous' online, you may want to start from scratch as these adjectives have been revealed to be among the biggest turn-offs.

In short, that means we’re asking for general demographic information at the outset of our research, which we can then cross with any subsequent question asked in our survey. Tinder has a Young and Affluent Audience By age, the vast majority of the Tinder audience is from the 16-34 age bracket; only a fifth of users are older than this.

It’s not hard to see why this might bring different results to the information that Tinder users are willing to disclose inside the app itself – especially in relation to age or marital status. Although the age-based pricing structure for its premium Tinder Plus service varies between markets, if we take the US model (where users who are 30 are required to pay a higher fee) then just over a third would need to pay the more expensive rate to use the premium version.

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